A Royal Calling

These facts are mentioned twice in Esther chapter 2: Hadassah was an adopted orphan, and Mordecais advise for her protection.

Revelation of the Adoption

This spiritual adoption becomes real to you when the Holy Spirit downloads it to your spirit. Only He can do that and then it is more than head knowledge. Romans 5: 5 says: “For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

When you get this download by encountering God through His Word and Spirit, you are secure in His love and you are bold. You are not afraid to submit to leaders, the Mordecais, because you know the character of God and that He will take care of you.

How was Hadassah changed? 

Hadassah was taken away from her normal life, perhaps against her will, and experienced changes in her, habits and culture. The change involved everything—her house, friends, family, food, name, etc. But we don’t see her complaining. She had to submit to it to step into the change, knowing that something is left behind forever—even if she wasn’t made the queen, she would still remain in the harem of the king.

What did Mordecai advise her? 

In Esther chapter 2:10, 20, Mordecai instructed Esther not to tell anyone she was a Jew, so she had to be careful what she spoke. She had to separate from her past and not talk about it. For us the advice is the same. You can’t be talking about the past and move into the future. If you focus on the past, you can’t hear what God wants to speak to you, and you can’t be focused on being pleasing to Him.

It must have been hard on Esther not being able to chat freely with the other ladies in the harem. Mordecai said, “Don’t tell you are a Jew—for your own safety.” Jews were not well-liked in the kingdom at that time, as later revealed in the story. Also for us, It is not safe for us and our family to stay as Hadassah in these times we are living in.

Hadassah is to stop talking about her past for her own protection.

Hadassah a good Jewish girl

Hadassah represents a good Christian, but one who has no access to the King in a royal capacity. She can’t use power, influence, change the atmosphere, and rule. There is nothing wrong with Hadassah, but she just isn’t living out the higher call for her life. We must understand that this royal position of a Christian is not there to make you feel good about yourself; it is to make you effective and useful to advance the rule of Jesus.

If she refused to embrace her royal calling, Hadassah’s only options were to protest outside the palace with the other Jews of Suza or march around it. However, it probably would have made no difference in a difficult situation, as she was not in the king’s inner circle.

No going back

Inside every Hadassah, there is an Esther waiting to live the new life God has planned for her. The new creation inside of us. And we need to find her! This is not a call to find yourself, but to find the higher path God has for you. The real convicting part is the key to change. The key to transforming from Hadassah to Esther is this: You can never be Hadassah again!

So no back-and-forth movement between the two identities. Earlier, Hadassah might have been called both Hadassah and Esther on different occasions, but she had to let go of her original name and take a new name, or she could not be royal. Are we ready for this? For the rest of our lives, decide to resist the call of Hadassah that wants us to give up your royal calling.

Inside every Hadassah, there is an Esther waiting to live the new life God has planned for her.

How do you know you are an Esther?

You know if you are an Esther only by looking back and seeing Hadassah there pulling you back. Something familiar, something normal, something safe, something not royal wanting you to give up your position. Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ” (Galatians 2:20)—this was a very concrete thing and not just a mental crucifixion, something he could look back to. God is asking us, “Why should I give you influence and a royal position?”

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